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Meemic Insurance Company Site Review

Meemic Insurance Company served the Michigan for 60 years. They provide insurances from property, automobile, watercraft or boat, the personal umbrella. Meemic is rated by the A.M. Best as A or Excellent for financial strength. The 60 years in service made the Meemic a well-groomed insurance company. To be stronger on the service, the company followed the technology of advertising. The Meemic Insurance Company embraced the idea of internet.

Meemic Insurance Company’s website is very clean, well arranged and the colour schemes are pleasing to the eyes. The website’s concept was shown as a chalkboard. It has gotten to the company’s tag line, The Educated Choice. Requesting for quotation and finding a local agency can be found on the chalkboard heading. The homepage is well-explanatory for the services of the insurance company. There includes the policies being offered, the featured testimony and below the website is an external link going to the audio testimonials of their clients. The featured testimony changes if the user goes to other pages of the website.

The website has its standard layout, the chalkboard and its contents, and the blue and white background. It has lesser links but it gives precise explanation on each articles. The contents are easy to read because of the subtle effect of the backdrop. The menu bar lists are the policies offer, the services for policyholders and one category for the background of Meemic Insurance Company, the Meemic Community.

Expect that the Policyholder Services page has links for the guidelines. Options like email the agent, guides on claiming the insurance, billing payment and the policies can be found on the Policyholder Services. The Meemic Community leads the browsers in partnerships, Speakers bureau, and the educational foundation of the company.

The Meemic’s website gathered all information that needs to share with the client. The company advertised themselves well enough to compete with other online insurance company. The site may only have 11 images, lesser than other online insurance agency but enough to put them on the market. The layout may be too straight-forward, but the overall design had shown the concept and the objectives of the Meemic Insurance Company.

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