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Myanchorpolicy.com (Anchor General Insurance Company)

If you are based in San Diego, California, you can try getting insurance from Anchor General Insurance Company. Not only does it offer insurance coverage in California; it also covers Arizona. Myanchorpolicy.com is managed by Anchor General Insurance Agency, Inc., and it has plans to expand to other states as well. In fact, there is already an expansion present in the state of Texas. This makes the company reachable to other states.

If you already have insurance in My anchor policy

Anchor General Insurance Myanchorpolicy.com (Anchor General Insurance Company)You will find their site very useful when it comes to checking your bills. When you browse the website of Myanchorpolicy.com, you will notice that they offer electronic payment for your bills, which is very timely since most payments are made through the internet these days. You also have the option to pay through phone, making their customers’ convenience their number one priority.

However, although you can pay your bills online, you cannot get an online quote because it is not provided in the website. Instead, you have to contact them through other ways such as phone and e-mail, as indicated in the company’s website. This makes the website pretty useless for potential customers who want to get an insurance quote first.

When it comes to customer service

It seems that Anchor General Insurance Company does not live up to expectations. There have been several complaints to the company with regard to their customer service. Although all the contact details for all the departments in the company are readily provided in the website, it seems that trying to talk to these customer representatives produces some problems. One review said that the representatives can be rude, to the point that they hang up on customers. Some people also did not get call backs for their queries. There have also been a lot of complaints received by this insurance company.

Based on customer feedback

It seems that this company may not be the best choice after all. The convenience of their methods may be a good innovation, but you may have trouble solving problems you encounter with your insurance if the customer representatives are not that friendly.

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